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How It Feels to Work With Me

It can be hard to convey what can be achieved through coaching so its probably best to leave it to those I have worked with to sum up how it feels to work with me. All names are withheld to uphold confidentially and protect the identity of those I have worked with. They have however given there permission for their words to be displayed here.

Coaching is something I had been considering for a really long time before finding Suzanne - I’m a full time working Mum and fitting this in to my week at times seemed like a challenge.  I can honestly say starting these sessions was a great decision!  Suzanne is experienced, patient, flexible and made me feel very indulged with her time and energy.  I felt comfortable from the very first session to be honest and free with my thoughts, giving myself the best possible chance to benefit fully.  The sessions gave me a calm and uplifting setting to be able to identify areas if my life I wanted to enhance, there was zero judgement and only benefit, I always left the session energised.  I look forward to connecting again in the autumn for a re-set session, thank you so much Suzanne.

Suzanne was so helpful in enabling me to discover my goals. She was great at getting me to commit to actions to achieve my goals and at clarifying my direction.

You are an insightful professional, and with your gentle and supportive approach, you help individuals like me, be empowered to find their strengths to change their lives

Suzanne has been the most wonderful coach; inspiring and motivating me to fulfil my goals. I had no idea what the sessions would involve and she explained the process so clearly and said she would facilitate rather than tell me what to do. Our brainstorming sessions were really empowering because she gave me the support I needed to really did deep and come up with ideas that I didn’t realise were in me! The feeling of accountability has also been helpful as I made sure I met all the set targets  between all our sessions together. Suzanne has fully supported me on my journey and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in the 5 months we’ve been working together. I would highly recommend Suzanne for her kind, empathetic approach to coaching. I’m very excited about where I will be in another 5 months! Thank you

Thank you so much for your wonderful coaching, guidance, empathy and encouragement! I'm so very grateful to you for your time, kindness, amazing listening and attention to detail to help me make such progress in my heart and professional aspirations and goals. It always felt like you had all the time in the world and never judged me. You've helped me in so many ways and I will always remember this precious process and keep it safe for now and the future.

These coaching sessions provided me with an invaluable space to work on a specific project which was to launch a series of online classes. I most definitely felt an increase in motivation and engagement, thanks to the coaching sessions with Suzanne. I really appreciated working  on the online course project (which is almost ready to launch) and discovering resources I didn’t think I had. The coaching sessions ensured that I stayed on track and determined, and without them, I don’t think I would be ready to launch an online course. It was also extremely helpful to work on imposter syndrome and procrastination. I also really appreciated the work we did around creating time for myself, due to a general feeling of overwhelm.
I also loved working with Suzanne who is the ultimate professional. Suzanne is a natural coach and is incredibly intuitive and wonderful cheerleader. Suzanne’s optimistic reinforcement and support has been so helpful to me and I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity to work with her.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I started the coaching series, but I can honestly say that I have finished feeling much more confident and knowing that I have tools to help me in my life going forward.
Suzanne made me feel comfortable, calm and never nervous. I looked forward to our sessions. She made me think in a way I haven’t done before, which I found so uplifting.
Suzanne makes you come with the ideas and the answers and guides you in the right way to achieve them.
I loved the lightbulb moments and the emotion they stirred-the realisation that you know what to do or reminding you of what to do-then working with the tools to put this into practise.
Thank you Suzanne for helping me realise many things and giving me guidance to strive to achieve my goals.

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