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Where do you give your energy to?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

As we move into a new month and the days grow shorter it is worth reflecting upon where to give your energy to. With children to look after, work to juggle, and various other demands placed upon us it can be hard, tiring and overwhelming for many.

"Give energy where you need to give energy, rest where you need to rest" Morgan Harper Nichols

So when I stumbled across this quote I thought it was a wonderful way to put a framework into our busy lives and allow us to make conscious decisions about what will work for us. From this starting point these are the reflections you may want to ask yourself:

  • What do I need to give my energy to?

  • What does rest look like for me?

  • How can I build in periods of rest?

  • What can I leave and come back to at a later date?

  • Are my expectations too high for what I can achieve and if so where can I lower them?

  • And finally am I being kind, compassionate and realistic in what I can achieve whilst I protect me energy?

Once you have those answers as a framework to what you need to give your energy too, you can then look at where you can build in micro periods of rest and when I mean rest I don't necessarily mean sleep, rest is very subjective and personal to each and every one of us and will vary immensely. Periods of resting should support calming the mind, allowing you to switch off from all the demands placed upon you, restoring and replenishing your energy levels. Easier said than done and I recognise that, that is why I'm a huge advocate for building in small pockets or rest, perhaps 10-15 minute slots across your busy week.

So what can you do this week to top up your energy levels?

  • 10 minute nap?

  • Read a book for 15 minutes?

  • Gentle yoga?

  • Meditation?

  • Gentle Walking?

  • Exercise?

  • Something else?

Here are just some ideas of how you can build in periods of rest throughout your week but you may have your own ideas, you know best what allows you to switch off and rest your mind and body, so that you can come back with energy for those things that you need to give your energy to.

So in summary "give energy where you need to give energy and rest where you need to rest"

Suzanne xx

Tunbridge Wells Women's Coach

Supporting Women to Live Confident Fulfilled Lives

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