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What imaginary ceilings do you place over yourself?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

I'm not talking about the ceilings in your home or in your work place, I'm talking about those imaginary ceilings we all hold over ourselves. Those ceilings which hold us back, which give us doubt, which we believe is the limit of what we can do, what we can have or what we can achieve.

What ceiling do you place over yourself?

I have had many ceilings in the past (some I am still gently dismantling as it is always a work in progress.) I thought I could never change direction, that I was too old to retrain, that someone like me could never run their own business. I didn't believe that I had the confidence or skills to pursue what was in my heart but I was wrong and it is possible.

What would you do if you knew you could remove what was holding you back?

Of course removing those ceilings isn't easy, it can be hard to challenge what you belief is true but those beliefs, those ceilings you place over yourself are not true even if they may feel as if they are. It is worth adding here that you have to want to remove those ceilings and have a belief that it is possible to change. Coaching can only support if you have a willingness to try something new and a willingness to dismantle those ceiling tiles that have been holding you back. So removing those ceilings is possible, one tile at a time, little by little, step by step with practise, patience and perseverance.

If any of this resonates and you are looking for support to change direction, to have clarity and build your confidence one step at a time then do get in touch to see how we could work together in person or online and discuss whether the time is right for you.

Suzanne xx

Tunbridge Wells Women's Coach

"Supporting Women to Live Confident Fulfilled Lives"

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