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Beliefs about ourselves do they help or hinder?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

The beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world we live in can impact on our behaviour. Each and every one of us have many beliefs, some are helpful, they inspire, motivate and encourage us but others can hold us back.

Incredibly some of these beliefs are conscious but many are unconscious, we aren't even aware we have these beliefs and how much they are influencing us and possibly holding us back. These beliefs often stem from our childhood and from those who influence our upbringing whether that be our parents, our community, our peer group, our faith or culture. We are bombarded by messages from those that influence us around what is possible. what is true and what we can achieve, Depending upon what messages we are exposed to, influences the beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world around us and in turn influences what we believe is possible.

The beliefs that are holding you back are often describe as a limiting belief. Limiting beliefs are those that you hold about yourself which place limits on what you can achieve, have or do in life. Limiting beliefs are just beliefs or thoughts they are not true.

So in what ways do we place limiting beliefs upon ourselves. Here are a few examples:

  1. There is only one way of doing something

  2. We are only possible of achieving to certain level

  3. There is a limit to how successful we can be

  4. We are going to fail so there is no point in trying

  5. We could never have what someone else has.

Part of the coaching process is to raise your awareness of the beliefs that you have and to use the ones that empower you to their full advantage and at the same time support you to challenge your mindset around those that are holding you back.

The beliefs that we hold about the world have often been with us for many years we are so accustomed to them that we take them as fact or as truth, and so challenging these beliefs and looking at the world through a different lens takes time. It is not a quick fix to change the beliefs we hold but it is possible with patience, practise and perseverance.

I have a few questions to get you started to think about your belief system:

  • What beliefs do you hold about yourself?

  • Are these beliefs supporting you or placing limits on what you think is possible?

  • What belief(s) would you like to change?

  • What difference would a different set of beliefs make to you?

If you would like compassionate support with challenging those beliefs that are holding you back then why not get in touch to discuss how we could work together.

Suzanne xx

Tunbridge Wells Women's Coach


"Supporting Women to Live Confident Fulfilled Lives"

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