The Story Behind What I Do

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For many years I have worked with women and many of these were mums who were juggling children, a career, a home and sometimes caring for parents. During our conversations the women would often confide in me the wonderful highs but also the difficult lows of navigating motherhood, a career and all the other responsibilities that they had. A common theme would be that these women felt that during this transition into motherhood they had somehow lost the essence of themselves. They still had hopes, aspirations and goals but were stuck on how they could be true to themselves at the same time balancing the needs of those that depended upon them. Similar conversations would emerge around confidence, overwhelm and how they could achieve balance with all the new demands placed upon them. I wanted to empower these women to live confident fulfilled lives but my previous role did not allow me to do this nor did I have the skill set to do so.

It was during the first lockdown in March 2020 that I reflected on where I was and the realisation was that I wanted to support these women with feeling less stressed, less overwhelmed and to achieve the balance within their lives that they wanted. I decided to act upon this and I enrolled with The Coaching Academy to become a coach for women who are at a cross roads in their lives and wanting to make a change. I wanted to support these women with bridging the gap between where they are with where they wanted to get to.

So now that is what I do. I work with incredible women on a 1:1 basis to help navigate the journey from where they are to where they want to get to and my specialisms focus on confidence, overwhelm, balance and navigating new directions.