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Are you dreaming of taking life in a new direction but something is holding you back?

Perhaps life feels overwhelming, stressful and you would like things to be different but unsure where or how to start?

Perhaps you know what you want but lack of confidence is holding you back from taking that path?

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Well what if I told you that not so many years ago that was me....             

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My Story

It was 2019 before the pandemic and life was overwhelming, stressful and I felt stuck. I was utterly exhausted with two young children, working and juggling all that life has to throw at you. Coupled with that my job was incredibly physical and my back and hips were getting progressively worse, my osteopath had concerns about my back and I knew deep in my heart that as much as I adored my job I was hurtling towards disaster BUT I felt trapped, trapped in a job that I adored but was exhausting and not good for my health, trapped by the negative self talk and the lack of confidence that I could change my life.


I was stressed, I was exhausted and I felt trapped.

And then March 2020 happened....the world stopped....and my job stopped too...and then I stumbled across coaching. I was at rock bottom and took it as chance to work out what on earth I was going to do next, I knew I was at a crossroads in my life, a pivotal time and yet I didn't know which path to take.

Well those coaching sessions were the catalyst for a whole new direction, I couldn't believe the transformation in myself and from that point I knew my calling was to become a coach. I knew how much it had changed my life and I wanted to give back what I had experienced. I felt alive, empowered, confident, clear and more sure of myself that I had in the past twenty years.... so I enrolled with The Coaching Academy to embark on training to become a qualified coach. 

And so that is why I do what I do, this is coaching with a soul, coaching to help the women I work with to feel empowered, supported and to lead confident, fulfilled lives. 

How Can We Work Together

Whether its online or in person there are a number of ways that we could work together depending on what you need. You maybe interested in my Confidently You Coaching Series, a Seasonal Re-Set Session or New Direction Coaching.


Just click the button to find out all the details and full costings up front. 

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Bluebell woods landscape.jpg

Not Sure What You Need?

If you are curious about coaching but unsure what you need I recommend getting in touch so that we can discuss your requirements and what it is you are looking for. And if I feel what I offer is not right for you I will sign post you to someone else who I may feel is a better fit.

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